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About Us

About Us

This landmark shop has been at the top of the Sandgate since the 1920’s, then known as the Wellington Cafe. It has been passed through generations of Italians for decades and now is owned by husband and wife team, Linda and Silvio Galli. For 25 years, they have worked hard, transforming the original shop into the favourite and ‘weel kent’ shop that is today, loved by locals and tourists alike. Using the same trusted recipe that goes back to the 1920’s, their Old Fashioned Vanilla is hard to beat. A simple recipe made from Full Cream Milk with not an additive in sight, you will be amazed to find that this creamy, rich vanilla contains less than 3% fat-which is the very reason why it cannot be called ‘Ice Cream’ but instead, a Milk Ice, or as the American’s call it-Gelato. In a health conscious society, many customers flock to Renaldo’s for this reason – at around 130 calories per scoop, Renaldo’s Milk Ices are a more healthier option than other ice cream products, which contain up to 15% fat per scoop. Another interesting fact is that a litre of their ice cream contains more protein than a litre of milk, and the vanilla and the majority of flavours are Gluten Free.

From Coo to Cone, often in the same day, gives that unique taste and freshness, that transports you back to your childhood. “The way ice-cream used to taste” is a comment that is always heard from the most senior of diehards! Indeed, being such a fresh, natural product, even though the recipe and method always remains the same-slight seasonal differences can be detected by the most discerning of palates. Depending on the time of year, the change is evident when the cows are being fed silage through the winter months, or whether they can graze on grass in the fields. The cattle’s digestive system has to adapt to the change in diet and a slight difference is passed on through the milk. Another factor that can have an impact on the milk if the cows are calving-the milk has less protein as the essential goodness is needed for their young. However, Renaldos’ experience and well-trained staff can tell instantly and can adapt to these challenges.

Enter the shop on a ‘boiling’ day

(which is everyday in the Summer, sometimes twice!)…

…and you’re senses will be met by that wonderful, hot, heady smell of milk and sugar simmering away gently in the background. Customers can watch Silvio, Michael and Allison. pour the pails of finished ‘milk’ into the mixer, then 20 minutes later, they will lift piles of soft, dreamy Old Fashioned Vanilla to fill the cabinet in front of you, a simple process that is repeated throughout the day. Nowadays, it’s not just the Vanilla the crowds queue up for- choose from a display of 36, ever-changing flavours daily, you will find it hard to make a selection. From Pooh Bear, the Original McCallums Crunch, Home-made Tablet, to Raspberry Ruffle and Lemon Meringue Pie. Customers come from all over-the furthest so far, Northumberland! So, if you travelling a distance, phone and place your order with one of the staff and they will be happy to ‘hard freeze’ it for you. Renaldos have only been able to create their range of ices for themselves due to a small production area and you will only find their special flavours at their shop on the Sandgate, Ayr.

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